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Technical Projects

Power the GH4 from a V-Mount- or any 12V Battery.

I was searching for a Dummy that would transform 12v to 8.8Volts that the GH4 wants to run from an external source. But didnt
find anything, did a search and came across this site: wich is the source for this but for older gh Cameras.

So if you want to power the GH4 from a V-Mount Adapter, D-Tab or any other 12 Volt source, all you need is this:

  1. DMW-DCC12 DC Coupler (Battery-Dummy)
  2. LM2596 DC-DC Buck Converter
  3. A voltmeter
  4. A soldering rod

Solder the 12v source Cable to the ins of the LM2596 and the outs to the pins on the DCC12 Battery Dummy.
Attach a 12v Source and meter the output from the LM2596, there is a tiny small screw on one of the LM2596 components that has
to be adjusted until it reaches 8.8 Volts. 8.8 Volts? My Panasonic AC Adapter says 8.4 Volts but it reads at 8.8 Volts. Why this? cant tell but i read some coments online that 8.4Volts wont do and since i had my GH2 run for days on that AC Adapter at 8.8 Volts i set the LM2596 to 8.8 Volts, some users have run it at 9Volts, the camera doesnt seem to picky but dont take my word on that its 8.8V on the AC Adapter so that is the way to go.
Close the DCC12 and your done. I had to open the DC Coupler with a Knife since there was no "friendly" opening the thing. the LM2596 fits right into it. used some hot glue to fix the LM2596 inside the DCC12, used normal plastic glue and some fine tape to close the DCC12. Thats it.

Disclaimer: I dont take responsability for any damage done! dont do it unless you really know what you do and what you do is the right thing.


Hard Stops on AF Lenses ©

Shooting run and gun with Canon AF-Lenses can be quiet challenging because of the missing stops on nearest point and infinity. The modification to give Canon or Nikon Auto Focus Lenses a hard stop can be helpfull in many situations. Also if not allready there it adds a SGPRO 0.8 Mod (Cine Pitch) Lens Gear.
Here' a little demo Film:

Whats this for?

-- If you work with marks on a follow focus, you do not loose them because the focus puller pulls over an end point.  
-- in run and gun situations it can be very handy to know where the end points are and hit infinity imediat.  
-- with this modification you can use the auto calibration found on remote follow focus systems.  

at the moment im not selling this as a system for self assembly. if you're near me you can come by and drop the lenses, im gonna modify them, if you allready have a SGPRO LensGear you can bring em with you, only my work is being charged.